2012 BBQ Person of the Year Malcolm Reed


2012 BBQ Person of the Year Malcolm Reed

When it comes to championship BBQ you have to include Malcolm Reed. He has classes, videos, and a great source of great information.

2012 BBQ Person of the Year Malcolm Reed

Malcolm Reed 2012 BBQ Person of the Year


I’m Malcom Reed and these are my methods and techniques for mouth-watering, slow-smoked BBQ. Barbecue recipes… how-to BBQ videos… detailed procedures… BBQ tips.

To me, it’s all about Barbecue…

You won’t find recipes for barbequed desserts, I don’t believe that you can smoke meat in an oven and you will not find a recipe for a “veggie burgers” on this website.

Here at HowtoBBQright.com I only focus on REAL BBQ. And we take it seriously.

A Little About Me…

Waylon and I are the Competition BBQ Team Killer Hogs. We are constantly working to improve our BBQ recipes and love to share any new tips and techniques – that not only help you produce better BBQ, but also make your life a little easier.meat

Every week we receive emails from BBQ’ers who want to know the details about cooking the best Pork Shoulder, Pork Ribs, Pork Butts, Beef Brisket, BBQ Chicken and our favorite… Whole Hog. And we are happy to share our recipes and procedures.

Hey, it took us YEARS (and a lot of advice and help from dozens of world champion BBQ Cooks) to become so successful in the Competition BBQ circuit… and we are happy to “pass it on”… to everyone from the back yard to the big show.


I am on a quest to constantly perfect my BBQ and my recipes…

When you get 50 BBQ teams together and put bragging rights and prize money on the line, then you will find out just what GOOD BBQ really is!

Every year, someone comes up with something that gives them the edge (and makes their BBQ just a little better)… and every year your BBQ has to keep getting better and better if you want to keep bbqonsmokercompeting.

Competition BBQ is back-yard BBQ – taken to a whole, new level!

Most people have never had the chance to taste pulled pork, ribs or brisket that are cooked at this level of quality because there are a ton of tricks, special recipes and secret methods that teams have spent YEARS developing.

It took my brother and I many, many years of working and competing in the MIM, MBN, and Kansas City Circuits to start taking home trophies – and now we just want to share our love of BBQ with everyone… from the guys just cooking at home to the teams looking to win at the next contest.win_bar_550


You can’t talk about BBQ without talking about smoke

One big mistake that people make when they are BBQing is to add smoke through the entire cooking process. But if you add too much smoke, you end-up with a bitter tasting BBQ.

It’s easy to avoid this, you just have to understand how the meat takes on that smoky flavor…

When you first place a cut of meat on a hot grill, the “pores” of the meat are essentially open. But when the surface of your meat reaches a specific temperature, it begins to brown. This is called the Maillard reaction (or the browning reaction). This is what gives you the brown color on the outside, this is what creates your bark and this reaction gives you a LOT of flavor.

If you threw a steak on a hot grill, you would have this reaction almost instantly… but when you smoking low n’ slow it takes a while and gives you a chance to add a rich, smokey flavor to the meat.

Once the browning process occurs, you can’t get anymore smoke into the meat – that part of the cooking process is over. I don’t care who you are, it’s just not going to happen. All you can do now is add smoke to your bark… and too much smoke on your bark is going to give your BBQ a very bitter taste.killerhogsbbqpic

A lot of people will taste badly cooked BBQ and think that they can taste lighter fluid… but really it’s just the bitterness they taste caused from too much smoke.

We add smoke from the time we put the meat on the grill until the internal temperature reaches 145F. Then we remove the smoke and the wood, and continue to break-down the meat with a clean-burning charcoal. We still get the maximum amount of smoke flavor inside our meat without making any part bitter.

For more topics on cooking barbecue, check out My BBQ Blog… I post to it weekly.

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