The Top 10


INFLUENCEThe 10 real most Influential People in BBQ.

  1. Myron Mixon
  2. Meathead Goldwyn
  3. BBQ Pit Boys
  4. Rod Gray
  5. Craig Sherry
  6. Dana Hillis
  7. Linda Orrison
  8. Malcolm Reed
  9. Famous Dave Anderson
  10. Steve Raichlen

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  1. Myron Mixon is know world wide. He’s the Michael Jordon of BBQ.  His class alone has changed BBQ World Wide.
  2. Meathead Goldwyn has 20,000 plus coming to his website every day. will never be overcome by any other name but Myron Mixon.
  3. BBQ Pit Boys on Youtube – 115,000,000 people have went down to the house of sausage.  6,000,000 subscribers.
  4. Rod Gray stands in the background and has created more champions than all other cooks put together. Rod Gray maybe the greatest BBQ Cook of all time.
  5. Craig Sherry President of IBCA is deep in KCBS. When he moves everyone listens.
  6. Dana L. Hillis single handed has kept the FBA open.  He has put a lot of people cooking. He’s gotten people involved in BBQ.
  7. Linda Orrison has kept The Shed in the road.  She is the President of NBBQA.  She has kept a lot of people in the road in BBQ.  She can change the world.
  8. Malcolm Reed simply made videos and put them on youtube after winning some huge contest.  He is known world wide of his cooking.  When he speaks everyone is listening.
  9. Famous Dave Anderson made BBQ Restaurants a sought after thing.  Famous Dave’s in on Time Square in New York.  He hit the big time his places are extremely fancy.  Show time Famous Dave’s when he left if dropped the largest BBQ Chain in World History. $500,000,000 plus.
  10. Steve Raichlen is on PBS, he’s been on all major cooking shows and Channels. He has forgot more about BBQ than we will ever know.

Honorable Mention

  • Moe Cason
  • Ernest Servantes
  • Dave Bouska
  • Darian Kozz
  • Michael Trump
  • Harry Soo
  • Jim Elser
  • Black’s BBQ Lockhart Texas


Top 10 BBQ Restaurant Chains in the US

  1. Memphis BBQ Company
  2. Big Bob Gibson’s BBQ Decatur Al
  3. Bub-Ba-Q Woodstock Georgia
  4. Dinosaur BBQ
  5. 17th Street Bar and Grill
  6. Sonny’s Real Pit BBQ
  7. Jim N Nicks BBQ
  8. Black’s BBQ
  9. Famous Dave’s BBQ
  10. Hill Country BBQ


Honorable Mention

  • Sonny’s in Texas
  • Central BBQ in Memphis
  • Franklin’s Barbecue Texas
  • Stubbs’s BBQ Restaurant Texas
  • Moe’s BBQ Restaurant Many States
  • Memphis Championship BBQ in Las Vegas
  • JR’s Roadhouse South Carolina
  • B.T.’s Smokehouse Massachusetts
  • Cooper’s Old Time Pit BBQ Texas
  • Herman’s Rib House Arkansas
  • Hometown BBQ New York
  • Williamson Bros. Georgia

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