Grease Fires

Grease Fires

When ever you have raw meat over a open pit of charcoal, wood, gas fire.  The grease is going to fall directly into the pit.  Off set smoking the fire source is to the left or right so the grease never actually hits the fire. At least its not suppose to.

If you have a commercially bought pit that seals when you close the lid it should put the fire out.  The logic is that when you close the lid on a gas grill or a big steel charcoal cooker that seals it will put the fire out by denying it oxygen.grease fire

In a big steel cooker this only works if all the vents are closed.  When I cooked 60 hamburgers the other day on the Tucker Cooker I closed all the vents to form a seal against oxygen.  When a flare up occurred I shut the lid and the fire went out.  Actually the flare ups kind of added some great coating to the burgers.

I actually closed all the vents on the Tucker Cooker and the fire went out but the charcoal still cooked at a great temperature!

Fires have gotten away from cooks on occasion. Cleaning your smoker is very important.  It helps if the only grease your worrying about is the grease coming from the hamburger.  When you already have grease for the fire viagra sans ordonnance to access. You already have two fire sources the grease in your food and the grease on the walls and possibly the floor of your cooker.

Close the lid. Close the air vents. Close it down and the fire will go out.  Or have all the air vents closed and simply shut the lid.  If a grease fire gets out of hand still close the lid but put water on it till you put it out.  Some people say water doesn’t work but it does. You have to reach the quantities high enough to get it out. 

  • Never cook to close to your house or other valuables.  

  • Don’t put excessive amounts of charcoal.  

  • Keep a hose handy that is on with a nozzle.

  • Know where the vents are and be ready to close them.  

  • Keep your smoker/grill clean

  • Be ready for anything


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