The Jan Charles Show

The Jan Charles Show

The Jan Charles Show

Jan Charles is the daughter of Tom Charles who spent his whole life on Television and Radio. Jan is a self taught cook. She has attained culinary excellence and is ready to help you cook better.

Jan has just finished a show on Food Network. She is a regular host of cooking shows on Fox 8 in Knoxville Tennessee.  She is doing Live Events around Knoxville and around the country all the time. She is now the Host of her own show on BBQSuperStars!

We are proud to announce that Jan is taking the world by storm and you can call in facebook in questions on every show.images (1) Its totally interactive.  We will have our first show on Tuesday Oct 15th. If you want to be on Jan’s show just email BBQSuperStars at We will be starting at 11am on the 15th.

We will be coming to events and traveling the Country.  Jan knows a lot about cooking and it going to great to be a part of the coming times.

Jan Charles has 7 children. Jan has a crew and she says there a team. We’ll be following Jan some as a reality show and her kids are a blast.DNT578712_4 We know how much fun big families are well your getting ready to meet one of the best ones ever!

Jan has her own website at The Thrill Billy Gourmet

Contact Jan Right Here!


Its Jan, Its Great Food, Its Food at its best everyday! Tune into BBQSuperStars and lets have some fun The Jan Charles Way!


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October 15th 11am Est Where BBQSuperStars

Call into the show 864 621 4958

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 The Thrill Billy Gourmet

Jan Charles is a mom who also cooks, co-hosts a television show, writes and speaks on food, motivation and accomplishment. She is the Co-Host of the Food City Kitchen on WVLT, and regularly appears on Daytime Tricities on WJHL. She publishes The Thrillbilly Gourmet, a website bringing the world of food to the home cook, and has published over 350 articles, as well as 40+YouTube videos. She is also the author of A Piece of Cake, Sugar, celebrating Mile-High Southern Layer Cakes, and Gin and Chow-Chow, the best of the new American Comfort Food.


Jan is passionate about kids and food; everything else is about making those better. Starting in 2010, she has built a brand around the food world, blogging and making videos for the home cook, bringing the ‘foodie’ world home with practical techniques for everyone who eats.  In 2011 she was offered the opportunity to take her YouTube message into mainstream media, co-hosting the Food City Kitchen with Chef Walter Lambert on WVLT in Knoxville, Tennessee. She has frequently appeared on Daytime Tricities, the morning show on WJHL in Johnson City, Tennessee. She has been the featured presenter at the Kingsport Times Farm Expo in 2011 and 2013, and appeared at several Food Shows on behalf of Food City. Her story has been featured in local media multiple times, including WBIR in Knoxville, Tennessee,  Out N About Magazine in Johnson City, Tennessee and The Greeneville Sun. In November of 2013, she will appear on the First Season of Restaurant Express with Robert Irvine on the Food Network. She has also been named St. Epica Epicuria, and owns that.

In 2011 she became a foster parent, and is now mother to seven. She is happy to show their pictures at any moment. She leads a cancer survivor/computer geek, a football player/animal lover, a soccer-beauty queen-soccer nut, a class clown/medievalist, an engineer/artist, a born organizer/chairman of the board and a snuggly wild man (he’s 3). The older ones are all straight-A honor students, athletes and readers, while developing their own goals and pathways.

She appeared on television the first time at two days old. She was Tennessee State Champ in both Extemporaneous and Impromptu Speaking several years running. She is drafting out her second cookbook, and has written three novels for young adults. She is a sucker for rhinestones, a closet Sci-Fi/Fantasy fan, and a runner who can best be described as effortful.



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