Smokin This and That BBQ Guy Cummings


  • 10050 Norbotten Dr
    Florence, KY 41042
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  • Phone number(866) 864-3412

Guy Cummings is a war hero.  He started a Party Trailer Company and has had the biggest tailgates at some of the College and Pro Football games of all time.  He is the funniest person I know.  Something happened, he moved to Kentucky and got married again.  He made a cooker that will cook 1000 pounds of BBQ at a time.

He has found a place that is a piece of heaven.  He has found a place he just likes to be.  It feels good to cook BBQ and run a Restaurant.  He has got the stuff, the stuff that makes people come buy 70 pounds at a time.

He has something else.  He has a fire that the locals just like to come buy and stoke it up.  Its become a place where the community meets.  Its like a piece of heaven.  Its about getting out of the main stream and living a little.  Should we all get that piece of mind.  

If we could all find that place in this world that it just feels good to be there. That is what BBQ is all about. Whatr shall we find on this earth but a place we love to be.  A wall painted with chalk board paint and chalk written menu with the most special food.  BBQSuperStars had something to do with it.  It was a trail that was blew by dynamite and a list of experiences. Guy Cummings can hear the music.

smokin this and that bbq

Smokin This and That BBQ