Myron Mixon Traditional BBQ School

Myron Mixon is about to go at it!!

Myron Mixon is giving it all up. Come to Connecticut to the Mohegan Sun and become The King of the Cul De Sac!

Myron Mixon Traditional BBQ Class 

Its a Vacation! Bring your family and let them go to the beach and have a blast! The Mohegan Sun offers the best in Resort Living for your family and get it at a reduced rate!

Myron has negotiated a great rate. Let dad or mom or both learn how to “Que” and the rest of the family relax and enjoy the resort!

BBQSuperStars Television will be there.

Get an interview with Darryl Mast and be on BBQSuperStars Television. We will be hanging with the greats, Myron Mixon, Michael Mixon, David Mixon, David is the corporate one!!

Learn how to cook whole hog from the world champion.  Shoulders, hams, chicken, ribs, and a whole lot more. He has cooked more competition and fantastic BBQ than most people in America.  He is a scientist at it but can put it in regular basic terms. Come to Connecticut and learn how to cook some great BBQ for your family and friends and become The King of the Cul De Sac