Memphis in May 2017


Memphis in May is the only recognized World Championship in BBQ.  Memphis in May was the first BBQ Competition and the Greatest of all time.  If you have won Memphis in May your on top of the BBQ Mountain.  Scandal has gripped all other competitions known as World Championships.  Memphis in May has stood true and bore the Banner of Best in the World.  

The Memphis BBQ Network and qualifying circuit of Memphis in May must be revived.  Its the only pro contest in the world.  Memphis in May world Championship Series, the honesty, the pageantry, the best in the world all in one place trying to win it all. Memphis BBQ cost more because its simply a professional league not for the uncommitted.

Memphis in May 2017 BBQSuperStars will be broadcasting live! We’ll Broadcast starting at 8pm Est on the 10th 2017 then when ever awards start on the 12th and 13th. Live from Memphis in May!  

Tucker Cookers is teaming up with BBQSuperStars to cook Memphis in May. The great BBQ Contest in the World.  We are going to broadcast Live our entire cook and the memphis in mayAwards.  We have advertising space available.  If you want to be a part of the broadcast email me at 250,000 in attendance and viewers from all over the world.  I’m still going to do some interviews and Live broadcast the awards.

Get your BBQ Cooking related products associated with the first real complete broadcast of Memphis in May 2017 the only legitimate BBQ World Championship in the World.  The winner of Memphis in May is the greatest BBQ Cook in the World.Memphis in May  Get a banner in out camera background the whole Memphis in May and product placement. I’m putting together a team to place high.  The pieces are coming into place.

We can take your brand to the next level with a year round commitment from BBQSuperStars to put you in “The Championship Ring.” That is what sponsoring BBQSuperStars would mean.  

Championship Ring

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Get your brand connected to the Greatest BBQ Contest in the World!

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