Royal Oak is still the best Charcoal

Royal Oak is repacking the Cowboy Charcoal and Frontier Charcoal.  Why pay $55 for something you can get a whole lot less at Restaurant Depot. 

Hit the link at a bogus chart

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Robert Mueller is guilty of treason

On Fox News they have a show called Life-Liberty and Levin and two distinguished guests were talking about Robert Mueller and “The Russian Hoax” News networks such as CNN are making up lies about Donald Trump and trying to make them stick.

Robert Mueller is investigating to find a crime not investigating a crime which is against the constitution. The Attorney General isn’t allowed to let a person of the court do that. Robert Mueller should have never be appointed as special counsel.

The power of the criminal element in the Government is the control of the Attorney Generals office. If Bill Clinton had his cocaine smuggling case in Arkansas prosecuted for setting up the huge east coast Government smuggling ring through Mena Arkansas he would be in jail now and never been president.

He and George H W Bush appointed a major player in the ring to Arkansas Attorney General, and US Attorney General. A cocaine snorting, cocaine smuggling bastard was appointed to US Attorney General Office. Many more since have been appointed.

We can see that playing out overtly as it has been done covertly every day for the last years since John F Kennedy was assassinated. These criminals led by George H W Bush have enacted their own court system celled the FISA courts which have no justice, no rights just a Nazi type railroad of their enemies. We all are their enemies.

When do we start talking about treason. People who are actively trying to destroy our president are enemies of the state. CNN is an enemy of the state. Media run by the criminal element are enemies of the state.

What powers does President Donald Trump have to bring prosecution about. What threat does Robert Mueller’s actions have on National Security and the sovereignty of our government. If he can bring false accusation after false accusation and CNN play it up on a world wide level isn’t that treason? False Accusations, false hoods, otherwise big ass lies!

A federal judge is going to make a warrant against a FISA court. Is a FISA court legitimate shouldn’t the Federal Court with oversight be handling these matters and when do the FISA courts become consider enemies of the state?

Who does Robert Mueller represent? He is trampling all over federal law and the constitution why is he not being prosecuted?

Who has the power the federal government and the constitution or the billionaire who are running our government in spite of the constitution? Isn’t that treason?

What I heard on that show is that Hilary Clinton had help by the FBI covering her illegal activity while going to the Russians for information by direct order from her, isn’t that treason? Treason by the FBI and shaping the election by direct order from Hilary for information, isn’t that treason?

Clinton’s are employees of the Bush family. Recruited and controlled by The Bush Family. This group controls the Attorney Generals office. They are no longer elected, but control the US Attorney Generals Office isn’t that treason.

President Trump should be able to have the Federal Prosecutor bring up charges on all them for treason.

This group Mueller represents is still bringing in Cocaine and Heroin through military planes and bases and putting it through underground tunnels.  It has never stopped. Just think how much a supply you would need to supply every city, town, and by way with cocaine and heroin like its being supplied today. Its not coming over the boarder of Mexico. Its coming over Military Transport Planes.

The way it’s shaping up we the Government of States and Federal Level are no longer in control of the major assets of the United States Government.  Isn’t that treason? Isn’t that cause for action by the President of the United States? Isn’t that scary? 

Robert Mueller is the face of the enemies of the United States that are running our Government. There are two clear sides, we need to support our president.

Its the truth!

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Pair Wine And Beer with BBQs: A Simplified Guide

Please include attribution to with this graphic.

Pairing Wine and Beer With BBQ Chart

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Safety Tips for BBQ and Grilling

Safety Tips for BBQ and Grilling

Outdoor cooking involves hot metals, combustible fuels and a large group of people. This situation can be risky, so it is important to follow safety tips for grilling and BBQ. You have to control the fire because it is a destructive force. Before you start working, you should arrange a fire extinguisher. It is essential to understand how to extinguish a fire and cut supplies of fuel.

Safety Rules

Bacteria exist everywhere, even on Brussels sprouts. It may grow even at freezing temperature and stay alive around 165°F. Temperatures can increase the number of bacteria, so you have to keep everything cool before cooking and serving. Keep your food cold and covered. Make sure to choose high-quality food items, such as SNRA Commodities is a reliable name.

Read Instructions for Grill

Before using your grill, you have to read its safety restrictions. Smokers, charcoal, gas, and grills have specific ranges for operation. You have to understand safety instructions and their particular range before using these items.

You can’t assume that your current grill will work like your old grill. Instead of taking a risk, you should find manuals of smokers and grills on the website of the manufacturer.

Safety for Charcoal

Grills with charcoals may cause more fire than other grills like gas. It may be a trouble to light a charcoal grill. You have to work carefully with this grill because it can burn off your hair and face. Lighter fluid can increase your problems because the liquid turns to heavy gas even at a low temperature.

Be Careful with Smoke

Smoke may get in your lungs, eyes, hair, and clothes. Smoke from a smoker or grill may contain PAH (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons), carbon monoxide and dangerous substances. PAH has cancer-causing elements. Everyone loves the smell of smoke during outdoor cooking, but you should keep yourself at a safe distance to enjoy this smoke.

Stay Safe with Gas

Obstruction in the fuel can be a problem for grill fires. The fire may take place inside, underneath, or behind your grill. You have to scrutinize your grill for any problem. Critters and bugs may climb in small areas. If you notice a problem, turn off the control values and fuel tank. Disconnect everything to avoid significant destruction. Gas grills may produce a massive amount of heat to melt knobs and hoses.

Clean the Grease from Grill

Food can create flammable material, such as grease. If you want to stay safe, it is essential to collect grease from your grill to avoid its build up. The base of grills may have plenty of fat. A clean grill will be a safe grill. Smokers may also have this problem. Before and after cooking, you have to clean the grease from your grills.

Choose a Safe Location for Grill

You have to choose a place to keep your smoker or grill carefully. Keep it away from trees and buildings. Choose an open place and try to keep children away from smokers

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Need a mid morning snack

Need a Mid Morning Snack

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United States of Barbecue

The United States of Barbecue


Barbecue — a food, a craft and a way of life — is as American as blue jeans and baseball. It’s so loved, that we can’t decide on a name for it. BBQ, barbecue, Bar-B-Que, smokehouse, barbie, the hog — whatever you want to call it — makes your mouth water by simply reading the word or seeing a photo of a plate stacked with perfectly cooked meats, covered in tangy sauce and complemented with sides.


This style of food is quintessential to being an American and can be found from road side dives to high-end restaurants all across the country. It’s arguably one of the best foods out there, but you’ll never find two pitmasters with the same style. From the “barbecue belt” of the South, to notorious Kansas City BBQ, to hipster smokehouses in Portland, no two joints are exactly alike. With endless options to choose from, how does one even know where to start?


To help you taste your way through the best barbecue restaurants in America, CarRentals put together their guide on making a BBQ road trip across America. Divided by region, you can drive from state to state or coast to coast on the ultimate quest for barbecue. 



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Team Sign Ups

Team Registration Packet

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Cold Smoking

Sometimes you need to step out of your normal barbecue comfort zone. Learning how to cold smoke opens up a world of flavor possibilities.

But a word of caution, before you run off and buy up everything you need to start a world class backyard cold smoking operationa.

As a pitmaster you should know that cold smoking takes precision and care. There are some very real health risks involved. The good news is that these risks can be mitigated with a proper setup and expert knowledge.

If you are keen to learn more about cold smoking, we have bundled all you need to know into the following article. Decide for yourself if you are ready to take up the challenge.

Click to jump straight to each topic

Cold smoking overview

Cold smoking is a process that, when used in conjunction with curing, preserves and adds a distinctive smokey flavor to meat.

Some food products can be cold smoked and may not need to be cured like meat does. Cold smoked products can last for months without being refrigerated.

To cold smoke meat, the basic process is as follows:

  1. The meat goes through a curing process to extract moisture and inhibit bacterial growth.

  2. The cured meat is exposed to smoke, which imparts the distinctive smoky flavor. Smoking the meat takes time, from hours to days, depending on the product.

The trick is to expose the food to smoke without much heat. The food needs to be kept lower than 90°F. This is usually accomplished by keeping the food in an unheated chamber while smoke from another chamber is pumped in.

Cold smoking goes back a long way. The technique was often used to preserve meat through the winter when food was otherwise scarce. In western culture, farms often included a “smokehouse”; a special building for the purpose of smoking and storing meats.

You may even have memories of grandparents, or great aunties and uncles, cold smoking lox or something similar.

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Regional BBQ Sauces

Get to know these regional BBQ Sauces

Barbecue: The word alone summons the rich, enticing scents of sweet and savory smoke and slow-cooking meat. Barbecue is also a casual, fun, friendly, and delicious way to bring people together. Yet while many regions have barbecue traditions, each has a distinct style of sauce—and maybe not the ones on your supermarket shelf.

There’s evidence that people have been barbecuing meat since 700 BC. In the U.S., the origins of barbecue span from North Carolina to Florida and the islands of the Caribbean, where indigenous peoples such as the Arawak had a tradition READ MORE

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Features of the Best Bread Machines

Features of the Best Bread Machines

Are you fond of baking? Do you like to prepare bread in your kitchen? There are several bread machines available in the market for the home users. There are many things that you can do with these best bread machines. These efficient machines contain exclusive specifications and numerous unique features. It helps in preparing the best bread formation of Italian bread, and Pizza Crust.

Why do you need the best bread machines at home?

Bread preparation at home is nutritious and healthy. It offers ultimate control over the finished product. The bread that is prepared in your home kitchen is low in fat and high in fiber. This homemade bread is rich in the health essential components. It offers iron and calcium for teeth and healthy bones, minerals, vitamins, protein for strong muscles and complex carbohydrates that are good for energy. If you add eggs to your bread recipe makes it, richer in nutrients. Mixing dried fruits and nuts enhances the taste and consistency. This homemade bread is perfect as per the health factor.

Features of the Products

  • Offers a one-year limited warranty

  • Contains recipe booklet, kneading blade, measuring cup and measuring cup

  • It is intended with non-stick coating and inner bake pan wire handle

  • It is integrated with 13-hour digital timer, LCD digital display, push-button control panel and soft touch.

  • It is intended with automatic yeast dispenser, dough options, 6 types of bread, light to dark crust color options.

  • These bread machines bake extra-large, large and medium-size loaves.

Offer simple use

These are highly efficient machines. For the majority of the users, these are good due to many options. It enhances your performance due to the high quality. These are very simple in use. For the kids and their birthday, a huge variety of pizza crusts can be prepared in these machines. All these are suitable for home use and family functions. Buying these bread machines online for your home kitchen is a great idea for getting fresh bread any time. These devices provide a good time for children of all ages. You can check online for more features because these are explained right here.

High Quality

It allows the premier fun which provides health. These appliances are designed by focusing on the customer’s satisfaction. The objective of designing these products is the pleasure of the parents by raising their kid’s vitality. For satisfying their taste buds, these machines are dynamic in many ways. It offers exclusive food for your breakfast, snacks, and high-tea.

Homemade bread is good to enhance the vitality. It is a good item that finishes the appetite instantly. Ann efficient bread machine delivers high-class productivity, and you can get delicious bread. It is durable and made of strong material. It is very easy to assemble. The removable parts are dishwasher safe. It means it allows easy cleaning. The modern bread machines have ergonomic designs and are very easy to place on your kitchen countertop. Due to sleek designs, these are easy to keep in the area where space is premium.

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