Casting Call

I’m following up on a previous message because we now have a location for the Houston casting call.  Details are below. The MasterChef casting team is seeking the region’s best HOME COOKS and we would love to have your help in spreading the word. Please feel free to print out our flyer and post on your bulletin boards and/or share on your social media pages so that anyone who might be interested in auditioning is aware of the opportunity!  Or, perhaps you already know the perfect person to refer to the application link below!  After you have taken a look at the details and talked to everyone in your group, please let me know who acheter du cialis en ligne would like to give it a go! 

Casting Call Details:

When: Saturday, October 21st, 2017

Time: 10am – 6pm 

Location: The Art Institute of Houston ~ 4140 Southwest Freeway ~ Houston, TX 77027

How: For more information and to pre-register, visit

Are you a Construction Worker, a Football Coach, a School Teacher, etc. by day & an AWESOME home cook by night?!   If so, we want to meet with you!  For the best audition prep tips, please be sure to check out:
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New Trends in Super Cookers

BBQSuperStars has always tried to be honest about cookers and its time to let the truth out.

Super Cookers – Myron Mixon has got nothing but Super Cookers.

Ole Hickory Pits are all Super Cookers

CookShack is all Super Cookers

That is about it.  Myron Mixon Smokers will cook a brisket in 4 hours. So will Cookshack and Ole Hickory Pits.

You may say, ” My offset will cook a brisket in 4 hours also if I cook at 375F”  Working your ass off and its still not right.  The offset barrel cookers have become a fire hazard.  Why?  They fill up with grease and sludge underneath the mid section plate and eventually catch on fire.  Ask Franklin BBQ, Famous Dave, The Shed and a host of others.

Big time cooking with gas is a hazard.  There are BBQ Companies around the nation who viagra pas cher are having Propane Tank explosions that are destroying vending trailers and property, fires.  Long Term BBQ Cooking is dirty.  Grease is released and will build up.  I would never buy an offset tank cooker again I don’t care who is making it.  

Ole Hickory is propane with wood assist, I’m on the fence with them.  But there chambers clean easy.  

Offsets have degraded material in the bottom that has to be the most carcinogenic of any BBQ material on the planet.  So what is the answer? Super Cooker.

Super Cookers are a new breed of engineered cookers that cook better than any oven in any house.  Who would have ever thought you could cook a 20 pound brisket in 4 hours rest it for 1 hour and cut up the best there is when Barrel Offsets are looking at 12 hours.  Arby’s commercial, brisket slow smoked for 14 hours.

Fire, contamination, and long cook times are the efforts of the old style cookers. Speed efficiency are the way of The New Super Cookers.

Cookshack and Ole Hickory have been there for a couple decades, Myron Mixon and his engineering team are breaking new ground on propane less smokers that cook Brisket in 4 hours with wood only.  Its about the seal, insulation and flow of smoke and heat.  

If you buy anything except these three companies your asking for trouble.  The barrel cooker is dead.  The tank cooker is for novice who cook twice a year.  

I’ve never seen performance like the 3 companies I’m naming here.  If you cook all the time. The Super Cookers is the way to go.  They cost but it makes cooking BBQ a pleasure and not as big a health risk.

I’m not getting paid to say this, its just the truth.


Darryl Mast



Cookshack is the only company that has conquered the factory application like no other. Cookshack is building in fire safety measures like no other.  The thing that puts Cookshack over the top is it keeps meat moist longer during the cooking process and in a holding pattern.

Cookshack cookers are made to run 24 hours a day.  All there models bar none are made to run 24 hours a day. If I was building a vending trailer, Cookshack #1, Myron Mixon #2 and Old Hickory #3.  Cookshack and Myron Mixon Smokers are a toss up.

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Apex Specialty Vehicles

Apex makes the best trailers in the industry.  If your a top notch vendor/catering company do not go to another trailer company.  Its a mistake.

Apex Specialty Vehicles

Flooring – Apex has discovered a new composite material that will no soak any water up period.  That means the floor never falls out.

Flow of work – Tired because no one can decide what there job is.  No problem! Apex can create a flow of work that will let you get an assembly line going.  That means higher profits at the event and a little more energy when you get home.

Get a trailer that lasts.  Apex builds its own trailers now and will produce a product that will last.

Good cookers.  Mix an Apex trailer with a Myron Mixon Smoker or a Cookshack and smoke the competition.  Myron Mixon Smokers are made to last and use wood.  Cookshack has safety features that will help you avoid a fire.  Get a Myron Mixon for you competitions and a Cookshack for your big cooks for large groups.




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Grilling on Himalayan Salt


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Varied Nutritional Values of Beef You May Not Know

Varied Nutritional Values of Beef You May Not Know


As an indispensable diet for those who want to diet or who are athletic, beef improves health, prevents disease and promotes the formation of new proteins. In addition, it also actively supports the recovery of the body after the hard training sessions.

Beef has many nutritional values that many people may not know. Let’s check it out what they are.

Varied Nutritional Value of Beef

In 100 grams of beef, there are 28 grams of protein along with lots of vitamins B12, B6, carnitine, potassium, zinc, magnesium, iron. At the same time, that volume of meat will provide 280 kcal energy, twice as much as fish and other meat.

  • Certainly, protein is the main ingredient in all types of meat, not just beef. Of which, in beef, this content accounted for nearly 30%. In particular, the protein is important for the body, the role of growth and maintenance of the body.

In a healthy lifestyle, frequent consumption of beef, or high-quality protein sources, can help maintain muscle mass, reducing the risk of Sarcopenia – Is a serious health problem in the elderly,

  • The special of beef protein is that it contains a lot of amino acids, nitro acids, which help turn the protein of the food into organic sugar to provide for daily activities. In addition, beef also contains linoleic and palmitoleic acid that help prevent cancer and other germs.

With the same amount of beef but each process brings very different nutrients and energy. The best dish is steak because, with this processing, it will help the minerals in beef to achieve maximum efficiency.


  • The fat content of beef is very low (about 5-10%). Beef contains a varying amount of fat (mainly saturated and monounsaturated), contributing significantly to energy storage. In addition to adding flavor, fat increases the caloric content of meat significantly. The amount of fat in beef depends on age, breed, sex, and food.
  • Beef also contains carbohydrates, which help to reduce traumas such as weightlifting and other competitive sports. In addition, carbohydrates can inhibit fast oxidation, which protects muscle tissue.
  • Beef contains a lot of minerals like protein, potassium, which are indispensable in the diet. Low potassium levels inhibit protein synthesis as well as growth hormone production, which will affect muscle growth.
  • Magnesium and zinc contribute to protein synthesis and antioxidants to promote muscle growth. The salts of glutamic acid and vitamin B6 and zinc interact together to boost the immune system and, more importantly, can increase the efficiency of insulin metabolism.
  • Beef is high in carnosine, which can reduce fatigue and improve performance during exercise.
  • Beef contains vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 is essential for cells, especially red blood cells carrying oxygen to the muscle tissue. Vitamin B12 promotes the amino acid to metabolize, thus providing the body with the energy needed for high-intensity activities.
  • Hemoglobin is an important constituent in the blood. This substance is synthesized in the blood by iron. If the body is iron deficient, the amount of hemoglobin decreases. Normally red meats have a lot of iron, in which beef is a good example. Experts have researched and concluded that eating beef is very good for blood, which helps prevent anemia.

For this reason, meat during meals can increase the absorption of iron from other diet components. In addition, according to one study, when you eat beef, anti-anemia is more effective than taking iron.

How to Choose The Best Beef

Perfect beef is not dark red, and tallow must be yellow and hard. Choose to buy small, soft beef tenderloins, do not buy large and hard meat. Finally, when you touch the beef, if it’s not sticky and has no smell, that meat is good.

Cow meat is usually more delicious than bull meat. To get the best beef, you have to see that the meat is fresh and red, with small white veins and bright yellow fat.

If the beef color is pale blue, and there are white spots among the meat fibers, it means the cattle are sick.

If the meat smells bad, you should not buy it. Or if the beef has signs like dark color, dark yellow fat, yellow bone, the elasticity of meat is poor, or the surface of meat is viscous, you should be careful not to choose the rotten meat.

Simple Steak Recipe

1.   Ingredients

  • – 400 grams of steak
  • – 1 teaspoon of garlic juice, 1-2 teaspoons of ginger juice
  • – Spices: cooking oil, salt, pepper, soy sauce, rice vinegar.

2.   Steps

  • – First, wash the beef and cut into 4 equal pieces. Then, remove the beef tendon, using tools to smash the beef. This way is for when you marinate and cook, the beef will ripen quicker and taste better.
  • – Marinate the beef with 1 teaspoon of garlic juice + 1 teaspoon of ginger juice + 1/2 teaspoon of soy sauce + 1 teaspoon of pepper. Mix well and let sit about 30 minutes.
  • – Place a pan on the stove, add the oil with over high heat. During the cooking process, you should not flip the meat too much, with each side you will cook for about 3-5 minutes to get the perfect steak.
  • – For the better taste, add a little butter and herb like rosemary, thyme, sage, … when cooking to make the dish has a rich flavor.
  • – After removing it from the pan, let it sit for about 5 minutes to get the juicy and tender steak. This is the secret of cooking chefs in the world.
  • – And done! Now, you can serve your steak and enjoy it with side dishes such as salad, fried potatoes, … to add more flavor to the meal.


In short, beef is one of the most common types of nutrient content. It is especially rich in high-quality protein, vitamins, and minerals. For this reason, it can improve muscle growth and maintenance as well as exercise performance. As an abundant source of iron, it can also reduce the risk of anemia. If you know how to combine beef with other foods properly and make a nutritional diet, you’ll have a healthy body for sure.


Kevin Richard


Kevin Richard is the founder of Richard’s Pantry. He spend plenty of time in the kitchen every day because he love cooking healthy and delicious foods for my family and friends. Cooking gives him a chance to be creative and fun. It’s also one of the most meaningful ways to express my love and take care of my little family.


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5 Great Books 4 Barbecue Lovers

5 Great Books 4 Barbecue Lovers

One of the best things about the summer is having a bit of free time, when we can bond with family and friends, practice outdoor sports and feed the fire with a cracking barbecue. If you are new to the barbecuing game, fear not; there are many excellent books providing recipes of all kinds – savory, Paleo, sweet, healthy – dishes that will fast help you build a reputation as a top-grade barbecue chef. They will enlighten you on everything from technique, to safety rules. Next time you’re poolside chilling with your favourite drink, let you fingers do the walking through these top reads;

1 Charred & Scruffed: Bold New Techiques for Explosive Flavor On and Off the Grill by Adam Perry Lang with Peter Kaminsky

We love the simplicity and utility of this book, which is divided into four parts: The Theory and Practice of Barbecue (which teaches readers how to build great flavour and ‘make heat work’ to full effect); Meat, Fish and Fowl (featuring a wide range of recipes); Co-Stars (featuring recipes for a wide range of melting, crisp and green sides); and Finishing (all about spackles, bastes and finishing salts). The authors state that what makes their book different is that it is about “invention, not tradition.” The key isn’t to achieve the same results as tired-and-tested recipes achieve, if not making something completely out of a truly great legacy.

2 Meathead: The Science of Great Barbecue Grilling by Meathead Goldwyn

This super book delves into the fascinating science of heat, continually debunking myths that may be making your barbecue feast a little less spectacular than it should be. Some of the many myths discussed include “A smoke ring is caused by billowing smoke,” “Marinades penetrate deep into the meat,” and “Apply the rub, then wrap the meat in plastic wrap and let it rest overnight for maximum penetration.” Learn a host of vital tips, including how to marinade well, how to griddle, and how to fix common problems. The book also contains a wide range of recipes for brines, rubs and sauces.

3 BBQ Recipe Book: 70 Of The Best Ever Healthy Barbecue Recipes Revealed! by Samantha Michaels

Samantha Michaels approaches the subject of barbecues from a unique stance – that of health. As we know, millions of people on a global scale are fighting chronic health issues such as obesity, heart disease and Type II diabetes – interestingly, all these conditions can be guarded against or prevented to a great extent by making different lifestyle choices – these include taking up regular exercise and consuming the right diet, comprising healthy proteins, Omega-3 and other healthy fats, and organic, seasonal fruits and vegetables. This book jumps straight into its main subject matter – with a host of  healthy recipes – including healthy meat, seafood, vegetarian and dessert dishes. The author rightly notes that although you may be trying to lose weight, there is no need to forsake your favorite foods; in fact, barbecue is a great choice for those on low-cal or low-carb diets; it all depends on the ingredients you choose.

4 Jamie’s Food Tube: The BBQ Book by DJ BBQ

The attribute most people applaud when talking about talented British chef, Jamie Oliver, is simplicity. Jamie advocates the importance of healthy food ‘made from scratch’ yet unlike other famous chefs, he focuses on the meals all of us – beginners or budding chefs – can whip up, usually in an hour or less. In this book, it isn’t Jamie who does the talking, however, if not Christian Stevenson (best known as DJ BBQ), who has joined forces with Oliver’s Food Tube, to create a work that is as beautiful to look at (owing to the stunning photography) as it is practical. Learn important tips on how to make the most of cooking on a grill and try out an impressive range of main and side dishes, including cherry-wood smoked chicken, candied pork tenderloin and kick-ass fish tacos and grilled tomato slabs.

5 Smoking Meat. The Essential Guide to Real Barbecue by Jeff Phillips

Jeff Phillips stresses the importance of cooking ‘low and slow’, taking readers through the fine points of the art of ‘smokeology’ – including choosing the right wood, building and maintaining a fire, and stocking your meat pantry. The book includes a plethora of recipes, including classic favorites, special sauces, speciality dishes such as meatloaf and duck, and mouthwatering sides such as succotash, taters and garlic mashed potatoes.

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Smokers Canada

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Smokers Spain

Smokers available to Spain

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Blackstone Griddle UK/Canada

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Feldon’s BBQ Pit/Smoker Build Calculator for All Firebox Shapes v3.7

Feldon’s BBQ Pit/Smoker Build Calculator for All Firebox Shapes v3.7

There are any number of ways to design and build a BBQ Smoker. Hopefully this calculator will help you with the calculations. The general rule of thumb for a horizontal smoker is that the firebox should be 1/3 the size (volume) of the cooking chamber. These are just guidelines based on years acheter viagra building smokers but your mileage may vary!

Feldon’s BBQ Pit Calculator

Feldon’s BBQ Pit Caluclator

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