Planet Fitness

I’ve always been a free weight guy.  I lifted weights my whole life up until 1997.  Now its all about getting in shape.  Get rid of the love handles and leaning up.  Planet Fitness surprised me.

I have always thought machines where for the second half of the workout.  Planet Fitness has these machines that are just unbelievable.  I’ve never been able to work abs very well.

Planet Fitness has this one machine where you pull down on the top and pull up with your legs.  Its the best ab workout I’ve ever done.  

Why do standing curls when they got a sit down machine that will isolate your arm and blow up your bicep.  I’m not into being a big guy just a fit one and Planet Fitness delivers. 

They are not paying me to say this or even know I’m doing this. I’m just so happy with it I want to share it with everyone! 

Planet Fitness is the answer!

Darryl Mast


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Myron Mixon offering Layaway for his smokers

Myron Mixon Smokers Offers Interest-Free Layaway

The American-made smoker manufacturer welcomes fourth type of financing in 2017

Waterford, CT – Myron Mixon Smokers founders Myron Mixon and Rob Marelli are proud to introduce an Interest-Free Layaway offer, “Your Smoker, Your Way,” same-as-cash payment options for customers in 2017. Customers can choose to make interest-free payments for 6, 9, or 12 months, or anywhere in between, to customize the “buy here, pay here” plan for the smoker model of their choice. Once payments are completely made, the smoker will be shipped immediately.


“We’re pleased to offer a new-to-us financing option that can help you afford a smoker on your own terms without paying interest fees,” said Mixon. “Make this the year you get the Myron Mixon Smoker you’ve always wanted.”


Myron Mixon Smokers launched financing on their American-made smokers in August of 2016. Consumer and commercial financing aids competitors and restaurateurs, as well as kings-of-the-cul-de-sac in obtaining a smoker of their own. Financing and layaway applies to all models of Myron Mixon Smokers.


Simply pick up the phone to get a quote and set up a personalized “Your Smoker, Your Way” layaway plan or apply for financing. Customers begin by calling sales representative Toni Maynard at 855-464-7853, or emailing the sales team of Toni Maynard and David Mixon at For more information on the layaway plan, visit

For consumer or commercial financing, proceed on the 4-step process by filling out a secure online application (link will be provided after quote by Maynard). For more information on financing, visit





Myron Mixon Smokers are the ultimate way to smoke delicious, off-the-charts, mouth-watering barbeque, every time. Made in the USA and built to quality, our smokers are unmatched and have quickly become the industry leader in performance and reliability. The optimized shape offers unmatched cooking capacity. Our fully welded and fully insulated smokers offer superior heat retention, and consistent even temperatures so there’s no need to open the door to rotate meats and lose valuable heat and smoke. 


Each award-winning Myron Mixon Smoker is designed and tested by Myron himself and surpasses his highest standards for taste, convenience and performance. Learn more about Myron Mixon Smokers’ BBQ lifestyle and range of products at or call us at 855-464-7853.


Follow Myron Mixon Smokers on:

Twitter: @MMSmokers


Instagram: @myronmixonsmokers



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J Lee Sauce still #1 World

Who can dethrone the champion? J. Lee’s versatility is unmatched. The sauce is being sought out all over the world. J. Lee’s Gourmet BBQ Sauce can be put on anything. The sauce Gluten Free, No MSG, Low Sodium, Kosher and does not require refrigeration after opening.   J. Lee’s Gourmet BBQ Sauce is good on everything.  The sauce is competition ready.  BBQSuperStars pick for 2017 as the #1 sauce in the world. Bottom line no other sauce can do what J. Lee’s can do.

Two time World Champion J. Lee’s Gourmet BBQ Sauce out of Biloxi, Mississippi still the undisputed Champion of all sauces.

J. Lee is a retired military soldier that came up with the recipe that has not been matched get J. Lee’s and take your food to a championship level.

BBQSuperStars Top acheter sildenafil 100mg ip 100’s

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Chicken Time Line


Chicken Time Line

Friday Morning

5 pm Trim your chicken

6:30 pm put your chicken in a Ziplock Bag and put your brine in it. Put it in the cooler or Refrigerator

Saturday Morning

8 am Get the Chicken out of the cooler or refrigerator pour the brine off the chicken and let the Chicken come up to room temperature.

8:15 am Rub the Chicken down and put it in the pan with butter.

Put the top side up. Put the pan into smoker at 300 degrees. Let it cook for 45 minutes.Chicken

9 am am take the Chicken out and turn acheter viagra the chicken over. Put the Chicken back into the cooker for 15-30 minutes.

9:25 Take the chicken back out and dunk it in sauce Put the Chicken back in at 275 degrees

9:35 Take the Chicken back out and dunk it again. Get your sauce hot. Put it back in at 250 degrees.

9:45 am take them out and serve them. 

Learn More about BBQ Cooking at BBQ Schools. The full line of flavors that the pro’s use can be found there.

More BBQ Schools

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Ribs Time Line

Ribs Time Line

Saturday Morning

5 am Trim your ribs

6 am Rub down your ribs

6:15 am put your ribs on at 300 F

8:15 am Take your ribs out lower temp 275 F

8:15 am wrap your ribs 

10:15 am take ribs out of wrap and sauce them on both sides

10:20 am put them back in the cooker at 225 F

10:30 am take them out and put on a glaze put them back in

10:35 am put another coat of glaze on and put them back in

10:40 am apply honey cut them up turn them in

8:15 am take the ribs off and place them on 2 layers of foil. Put Brown Sugar and Butter all over both top and bottom. Then put honey all over the top. Lift the two sides up and put a little apple juice in the foil then roll down the middle and fold up the ends. Put the ribs back on the cooker.

10:15 am Take the ribs back off. Take them out of the foil. Sauce the Ribs down heavy.  Put them back on the cooker.

10:40 am Take the Ribs off the cooker let the rest for 30 minutes and serve. If you have a while put them in foil and put them in the cambro until time to serve. 

Ribs Memorial Day 2016

Ribs Memorial Day 2016 Gluten Free


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Brisket Time Line

Brisket Time Line

Friday Night

5 pm Trim your Brisket 10 pounds or more. Smaller Briskets have to be adjusted.

BBQ Cooking Time Line

BBQ Cooking Time Line

5:30 pm Inject and rub your Brisket. Place in a Zip Lock Bag and put it in the cooler or refrigerator until time to put on the Cooker. New school of thought is to inject and brine over night then rub the day before so it won’t pull the moisture out of your meat. Rub 15 minutes before you put in the smoker. 

Saturday Morning

4 am Take your Brisket out of the cooler and let it come to room Temperature.

4:15 am Put another layer of Rub on your brisket and put it on the cooker at 300 degrees.

7:15 am Take your Brisket out and put it on two layers of foil. Make a bowl out of the foil. Pour you combination of liquids into the bowl. Brisket 12 Moore’s Marinade. Guava Nectar, Some of you injection, some of your rub then put two layers of foil over the top and roll the sides together. Leave a vent in one corner. Put your Brisket back out. 300 Degrees.

10 am Take your brisket out of the cooker Internal Temperature 200 F  and put it in the Cambro.

10:30am Take your brisket out of the Cambro and Serve it to your friends. Here is how to cut up a Brisket.

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Boston Butt Time Line


Boston Butt Time Line

Friday Night

Competition Cook or adjust time for Backyard Tailgate

5 pm Trim- Meat of any kind trims better if it is below 45 degrees. When it gets to warm its harder to handle.

5:30 pm Inject and inject, then brine place in a Zip Lock Bag you can buy at Lowe’s Home Improvement. Put it in a cooler on ice or in a refrigerator. Do Not Freeze for the next day.


Saturday Mourning

4 am Take it out of the refrigerator

4 am Re-inject your Butt and rub it down with at least 3 rubs.

4:15 am put put it in the smoker at 300 F

7 am take the butts out and wrap them in a boat.  Put rub one each but all three and add Agave Nectar, butter, apple juice, grape juice, blueberry juice, other type juices.

10:45 am take the butts out one set at 185 F and other at 195 F internal temperature. Open the foil to slow the cooking process so the temperature will not continue to rise.

11 am put them butts in the Cambro for 15 minutes

11:15 am Save the juice and take the Butt out of the foil. Sauce it down with your favorite sauce, put it back on the cooker for 20 minutes. 

11:35 am Pan your Butts Put the juice you saved in the pan and work your Butts. Make a competition box or chop and serve.

That is a Time Line for Back Yard cooks. If you stick with a Time Line you should be able to get the same product every time.

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Why is Barbeque a way of life

  Its the smoke. No matter what kind of stress your life possesses the smoke will take it away.  In our modern world that is full of stress we need something to take us away.  A place to find peace.  Jesus will bring peace to your life.  Cooking BBQ will bring peace for a short while your cooking.

   BBQ is loved by everyone.  It taste good.  I invite you to study and learn how to cook good BBQ.  It will make your parties better.  It will make you family times better.  It will bring another dimension to your life.  

   BBQ relieved stress for me when I worked long weeks.  It will bring relief to you.  Cooking starts out with a great anticipation then it moves to the process and everyone tries to improve it.  Then it moves to plateing and presentation. It climaxes at the first taste.  

    When it is good its a day that no one will forget.  BBQ will bring people together but God will make them live forever.  Eating has always been a time where people could find common ground.  

   Making a fire brings a release of pressure.  Fire have been build for thousands of years at the end of the day.  That is born in us.  It brings us back to the time of rest.  We shall find rest.

  Cook because you love your family.  Cook because you love you fellow man. Cook because it brings relief.  It brings a renewing of your mind.  Cook because it a way of life.  When the blue smoke starts rolling, all your problems will roll away.

It is a new day.


Darryl Mast


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Resting vs Carry Over Cooking

Resting vs Carry Over Cooking

Carry over cooking can only be done in a food holding device. Cambro is the #1 food holding devices in the world.  Carry over cooking is the art of reflecting heat back at the meat.  When you look at the chamber of a holding device the heat coming out of the meat can’t escape.  It fills the chamber and an equal liberalization will occur where the meat will have the same temperature as the chamber.  The heat will move into the center of the meat and cook the rest of the piece.  The meat goes into protection mode while cooking most of the fluid will move to the outside edge of the meat.

When the official heat force is gone the meat will go out of protection mode and the liquid will diffuse through out the meat.  That will finish the cooking process.  

Resting there is no reflection.  You may get a little run back through out the meat but it will not finish cooking.  Resting meat helps but the energy in the meat just moves out of the meat and into the atmosphere and its gone.  

Resting a steak is good but putting it in a Cambro is better.  That is carry over cooking in a Cambro.

Chicken is a real different story.  I would not cook chicken without a holding device.  Chicken is almost impossible to get done without carry over cooking.  The only negative affect of carry over cooking is the inside of the chicken can lose some of its flavor.  The inside flavor can get juiced down and dilute your flavoring agent.

Resting is different than carry over cooking I acknowledge that.  Instead of putting you meat on the counter to rest. Get a place to put a Cambro in the kitchen. 

Resting vs Carry Over Cooking



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I want to get Paid to do your contest

As a result of BBSuperStars picking out certain people to talk about and promote.  You have a group of people out there that did a National Television Commercial or 15 minutes of fame that want to get paid to come to a contest.

What a Joke!  

I can think of a few people I would pay to do my contest! Myron Mixon, If you can get Myron “The King” Mixon to come to your contest you’ve done something. Not his son, not his team but The #1 King himself that is worth paying for.  Moe Cason is worth paying to come to your contest. Moe is bigger than BBQ he is “The Man.”  Moe will draw teams.  Ronnie Wade, in second place all time in wins. Won IBCA Team of the year 8 times in a row in the toughest sanctioning body in the world, previously the FBA.  Ronnie Wade should get paid. He’s not asking for that.  The rest, ha ha, I’m sorry.

If I got you on a show on Travel Channel, sorry how many Grands you got? Ha Ha, you ain’t nothing.  If I got you a commercial on Television, ha ha, you still can’t cook.  There are other teams out there that may deserve to get paid like Melissa Cookson, Mark Lambert, Malcolm Reed, Heath Riles, NBG, Allen Smith, Ernest Servantes who deserve to get paid but they aren’t free loaders.  

So when you think about weather you should get paid to go to a contest or not, look on this list. If you aren’t on this list then you need to get your money out.  Wins gets a free entry or payment, not an image.  If you can’t win big, get your money out.  

You got to pay like everyone else!


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