As the Rotisserie Turns with Dre’s Place BBQ

As the Rotisserie Turns with Dre’s Place BBQ



“As the Rotisserie Turns”

As the Rotisserie Turns with Dre's Place BBQ These are the days of their lives


As the Rotisserie Turns


Andre Bullock and Pat Bullock make a living in a 34 foot vending trailer with all the grills and deep fryers you could use for vending. Dre is a North Carolina Style BBQ Cook and his rubs and sauces are really good. They had family members working for them but they started living at Dre’s Place BBQ instead of working at Dre’s Place BBQ. Pat had to take charge. Now Dre’s Place hires help at the site of the event. Watch as Dre and Pat teach the new recruits, cook up some magic BBQ and have some great times along the way.  Its all business, Its all fun, Its all “As the Rotisserie Turns” as each day a new situation arises and The Bullocks have to face reality as this is their living. Tune in as we live every moment day by day with the challenges. Its a lot of work but its a whole lot of fun!

The first 4 episodes 

The first 4 episodes of “As the Rotisserie Turns with Dre’s Place” The plot thickens as Tony doesn’t want to take orders from Pat. Lisa can’t run the deep fryer. Lisa’s primary job in the set up is to trim up the collar greens but can’t seem to get it done.  Dre wants to give her a spot but she has to earn her way.  Dre and Pat had there family traveling with them for a couple years but they didn’t want to work. Pat decided to hire help on the road.  Will the help coming off Craig’s List work out? Each stop and each day will determine who makes the cut! Stay tuned as it all unfolds.

The drama raises as Tony in the second episode tries to start telling Pat what to do! I got a feeling that is not going to work.  Stay tuned as it all comes to a head in the second and 3rd episodes. 

We are going to meet a guy call Kachunga who wrestles alligators. He is an animal expert and climbs in the cage with a bear, a live bear.  Its a great time and a fun time! Tune in as we do Dre’s Place BBQ “As the Rotisserie Turns!”